5 Fun Photography Items You Need To Own

Whether you’re starting out in photography or you’re a pro like me, these are my top 5 photography items I use ALL the time that I highly recommend!

1. Fuji Neo Classic

I take this thing EVERYWHERE. Unlike the other Instax Minis, this one allows you to have a bit more control. It has several modes including Party Mode, Kids Mode, Landscape Mode, Macro & my favorite- Double Exposure!!!

If you’re looking for a small, fun, & family-friendly camera to capture everyday moments, this is the one to go for

As a gift for my wedding clients, I take polaroids throughout the day & gift it to them that evening. Just an idea for you wedding photographers. ALL my clients I’ve done this with LOVE it!

I purchase all my film from Amazon as well. Click here to purchase it!?

2. Mirrorless Camera for Travel – Fuji X100F

I believe Mirrorless Cameras will replace DSLRs in a few years. These little guys pack such a punch, they are super affordable, the quality is just as good as most DSRLS, and they’re small! Whenever I travel I bring one along with me. The FujiFilm X100F is an updated version to the loved X100s. This is not for beginners who are stuck with shooting in Modes. You have to know how to shoot manually to rock one of these & if you don’t know how to do that, get one & learn! It’s super fun! The best way to learn is to practice 😉

3. Westcott X-Drop Portable Backdrop Kit

One of my photography services is headshots. Though I prefer to shoot them outdoors, there are times I have to visit companies and bring a backdrop kit with me. I use to bring a roll of paper & a heavy stand until I found the Westcott X-Drop Kit which has saved me time, money, and stress ! It’s SUPER light which makes it easy to take anywhere. The kit comes with one fabric backdrop & you can purchase various backdrops through Amazon or the Westcott site directly. I own the black, white, & grey one and use them every month for shoots.

4. Einstein 640 Lighting

In 2012 I took a lighting workshop with world-renown photographers, Zach & Jody Gray. They taught their workshops with this lighting kit and I STILL use it to this day. Because it’s so small & compact, I can take it easily to sessions & weddings if need be. I use it most days with a Beauty Dish over a soft box, but that is all dependent on what you are shooting.

5. The Pixelstick

The Pixelstick is SO FUN if you want to add some epicness to your images! It’s pretty much a huge lightsaber that you can pick designs from & go wild with (as you can tell for the image we did with our friends above). The have some standard designs installed already including stripes & rainbows, but you can get pretty creative with the images. It does take a lot of practice AND you MUST have a tripod.

I’ve been a photographer now for 12 years (WHOAH SO WILD!) and things have DRASTICALLY changed in technology over time. Now we have access to hundreds of really cool items to further our hobbies or help with our careers! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars testing products and I’ve nailed down my “must-haves” to this list. Now I want to know, what items are on YOUR list?

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