learn how to CREATE your OWN graphics + WEBSITE like a boss even if you have no design background or coding experience!

Are you Ready to learn How to Do Your Own Graphics & Website Design without sacrificing your time and money?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

    • Figure out what the heck a brand is and why you need one
    • Learn how to create your own logo
    • Make a website that isn’t ugly and that actually works
    • Save hundreds of dollars hiring a designer who doesn’t get things done right or on time

Bad News is: Creative Chaos is Real! It can get so bad that people quit or put their dreams to the side never to be launched into the world.

The Goods News is: We were all born with creativity and there’s a way to conquer your creative fears without hiring a professional!


Finally, an affordable online academy for aspiring purpose-driven entreprenuers that will teach you:

how to build a badass brand by using the framework of storytelling

how to create an awesome and unique logo for less than $50

how to design a website that looks good AND makes you money

how to take great photos with what is in your hand

how to market your new business using the power of Social Media


How does Awaken & Create work?

Enroll in an online class

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Level up your business

meet your teacher: lyss

 My name is Alyssa Aviles, but I’m best known by my friends as Lyss. From working with multi-million dollar companies, to fresh startups, I’m dedicated to helping small businesses create custom killer content?that not only looks great but ,more importantly, sells.

With over 12+ years as a professional photographer, 7+ years in graphic design,  and 5+ years in Social Media Marketing, I’m ready to help take your brand to the next level.


What makes this different than any other online “Creative” course?

 Awaken and Create is more than a course, it’s a movement. You’ll be inspired to think of your creativity, your business, and your life from a new perspective. There are a lot of online courses that will tell you how to grow your business and create the life you want, but in this course you’ll learn why and the “why” is what makes all the difference. Here’s an example of our first course:



Introduction: What is Branding?

Discovering Who You Are

Nailing Down Your Who

Partnering with your Why

Discovering Your What


Writing Your Story

Understanding Colors & Fonts

Creating a MoodBoard

Crafting an Irresistible Offer

Creating a Marketing Plan

Website Design & Development in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, & Tampa Bay Florida

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