Black Friday Tips for Your Small Business

One of my favorite times of the year is approaching…Thanksgiving.

But hours after you’ve stuffed your face full of turkey and all the carbs, it’s time to speed walk through your favorite stores to snag some deals. Black Friday is one of the economies best days for sales. It’s the day where people are more inclined to spend money and pull out their credit cards! I only do my clothes shopping one time a year, no joke, and it’s during Black Friday.

If you are a small business owner, or part of a networking marketing MLM group, here are some tips to get your business noticed for this day!

Start Advertising Early, but Don’t Give it All Away

I honestly should have written this blog last month, hahah. In our age where we tend to celebrate holidays at least a month before, you should have started advertising or at least leaving hints to your Black Friday Sales by now. Some people like the time to prep, plan, and figure out how they’ll spend their money. The key here though is having a balance of letting people know you will be offering something on Black Friday BUT not letting them know too much to the point where they aren’t spending money with you. Maybe let them know “We are doing a Black Friday Sale but only on these specific products!” this way people will still shop your other products/services.

Don’t discount your highest valued product or service

Do not take your highest valued product/service and discount it at an insane rate. YES it will get people talking, however, what you are doing is devaluing the best thing you have to offer!!!! You want to put discounts on products or services that are in the middle of your lineup so it gives reason for people to upgrade to your top package when the time comes. ?Which leads me to the next point…

Create Promotions that will sell well, but don’t devalue who you are or what you offer

In this last year of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been working through one massive thing: pricing. How we price our services and products tends to be a reflection of how we view ourselves. For the longest time, I offered my services for so cheap until some people called me out. The work I do HAS helped people make thousands. It HAS been published nationally & internationally. But somehow in my head I still convince myself I’m not good enough. The minute I began to grow in confidence in who I am and what I have to offer, I began to find people who valued what I do and paid the price I was asking.

It is SO easy to fall?back into a cheap mindset though for Black Friday for the sake of making “quick” cash.?

Take some time to think about what you can offer that will help people, but also be wise for your time without it being something where people will only wait once a year for this special.

For example, since I was a photographer before marketing and I know many photographers, here are some ideas for Black Friday Photographer Specials:

  • Offer Special Pricing on Prints from Past Sessions
  • Offer a product that will only be available for those who book on Black Friday
  • Offer a Gift Certificate Special. Maybe if someone buys a gift certificate of $100 for someone, they get a $25 print credit themselves.

Keep Your Advertising Simple

Black Graphics with Simple Text saying “SALE” would be good enough! Or do a Black Background with only one product on it saying “SALE” and let people inquire about pricing (so you have the opportunity to talk to them & build relationship). You don’t need to go too crazy with your graphics. For anyone who isn’t a designer, you can use a free platform like Canva to make some ads.

Also consider running a FB ad about your sale for 3 days (last day ending on Black Friday). I suggest starting with $5/day and really make sure you target who you want to sell to. That is the key with Facebook Advertising!

Here is one I made in 2 seconds that you can download & use on Facebook!

Don’t be Overly Annoying about it

There’s nothing that drives me more crazy when people, especially those in network marketing (MLMs), advertise every hour on the hour about the products they are selling. That’s an instant turn-off for me. Once a day I can handle, 15 times a day I’m unfollowing you.

DO NOT do this on Black Friday. I would say leave a 4 hour minimum gap for posting. If you become to spammy, people will have little interest. If you have a business fan page and you run a FB Ad, you can set it up in a way where it will reach a certain group of people who have either liked your page, liked your product, or even gone on your website to look at a product but haven’t checked out. Facebook Marketing is creepy & brilliant like that all in the same time. But we will discuss why you should use FB advertising another day 🙂

I hope this helps any of you who are wondering what the heck to do for Black Friday!

Is your business doing a Black Friday Sale? Tell me about it in the comments below!



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