The Journey Of Buying Our First Home

All last year I battled extreme fatigue. I thought it was due to my hypothyroidism. I thought it could have been signs of depression. As soon as I quit my job and began working at home things were great, but about 2 months in I started getting sick all the time. Sinus infections every month, headaches, constant fatigue & tiredness. I went to the doctor and I looked pretty healthy (well minus the weight gain, damn thyroid). I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Could this be a spiritual battle? Something in the apartment causing this? Are we allergic to the dog all of a sudden? Even the dog had a runny nose all the time. The 3 of us spent HOURS a day on top of resting in bed.

It affected our work life, our love life, and our mental health. Why the heck were we so sick & tired all the time?

We will get back to that in a second…

This was year 2 of our lease and prices were about to jump another $100/mo if we renewed our lease (Isn’t that cray-cray?!). We had to make a decision quickly. Do we start looking for a home, or do we rent for another 2 years until Jon gets licensed so we can move out of state? We had money set aside for a house because we opted to have a tiny wedding.??We weren’t sure we could get pre-approved for a mortgage though with our circumstances. I’m a freelancer, Jon’s a mental health counselor intern, we have $60K in student loans, but our credit was great & the advantage was we had a pretty good downpayment.

Steve Kelly from All Western Mortgage helped us out. He was able to crunch numbers & let us know realistically what we could get with our situation. Before I knew it, we were pre-approved and got the go-ahead to start house hunting.

Jon and I are prayer warriors. We put everything to prayer. So the moment we got pre-approved it was time to start praying over our first home. We knew the area we wanted, we knew the style we wanted, we knew our ideal budget. Now it was time to put our realtors, and great friends of ours, Pat & Chuck Vosburgh, to work!

A few months back before the process I had seen this home I was in LOVE with. The pros outstayed the cons. But it was WAY over our budget. Our dream neighborhood, our style, oh man I could see the potential looking at the images, but it was already pending. I kept it in my “saves” on Trulia as a guide.

We looked at several homes, and during this time we prayed, “Lord if this isn’t our home, give us signs.” you guys. LITERALLY every single home we looked gave us signs! First home we go to “Sorry we?JUST took a cash offer!”, second home had lied on the listing information, third home was asking WAY more than what it was worth, and you get the point.

Then I got a notification. The home I saved, yes the one I loved, came back on the market for the 2nd time. Now, I was nervous because it kept going on & off, but I wanted to see it so I immediately messaged Pat who managed to get us a tour the next day.

Jon and I had prayed about this one all day. We were so excited. Deep down though I was trying not to get excited cause again, it was really?over our budget. But we walked in and I was doomed. I fell in love. I immediately had a vision of how we could make it ours. Everything came to life in my mind. Jon felt so comfortable he sat in their chair where I took this photo. We asked Pat to put in an offer that night for $15K less than what they were asking (and they had lowered the price quite a bit already). Our church at the time was discussing fasting, which to be completely honest we don’t do enough of, so Jon and I decided we would fast until we got a call back from the Realtor. At this point we would leave it up to The Lord.

Next day we got the phone call from our Realtor. She couldn’t believe it. She wrote the owners a short letter about Jon and I and how we loved the attention to detail they had for the home. Other offers were put in, but if we could do $5K more the home was ours. So, we dug in our savings, sold extra items,?lived on an even stricter budget, and made it work.


We couldn’t have asked for better timing too. Remember how we were sick all the time? I had the St. Pete Health department come in. The lady couldn’t believe it. We were living with 70% humidity inside (50-55% is safe in FL) and there were high levels of formaldehyde & carbon monoxide! No wonder why the 3 of us were sick and tired all the time! We threw out many of our items, packed the rest, and we lived with my parents while we closed on the house. Thankfully our friend & lawyer, April Goodwin, spoke on our behalf and the apartment agreed to cut our lease early due to the circumstances. PEACE OUT OLD APARTMENT.

And NOW a huge thanks to the following people and then I’ll share photos of our home!!! ( Well at least the before photos, wait till you see what we’ve done with the place!!!)

Pre-Approval & Mortgage Process: Steve Kelly
Lawyer: April Goodwin
Realtors: Pat & Chuck Vosburgh

Moving Company: Knightspeed Moving

Shoutout to my parents for loving us dearly &?giving us such a great gift that we will use to empower, encourage, and build up the St. Pete community with and lovingly raise a family when the time comes!

Here are the realtor photos of our home. I’ll share another blog soon with all the crazy updates we’ve done to the place by the grace of God & on a budget!!!

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