When it comes to building a website, it can be very intimidating especially if you want to build it on your own and you have zero coding or design knowledge. I get it, not everyone has hundreds to thousands of dollars to invest in a professional web designer.(Though I wholeheartedly DO recommend hiring a professional?if you can swing the $)

I’m going to compare the top 3 site options I usually get questioned about: Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix. We’re going to look at template designs, price, SEO, and support.

Template Designs

Squarespace?has over 40+?beautiful templates to choose from that are designed for all types of businesses including photographers, restaurants, musicians, and bloggers. They are fully responsive and you can change the template at any time without having to worry about losing content!

Squarespace is a drag & drop platform making it easy to customize and design your website. They’ve done most of the work for you so all you have to do is replace their images with yours, add your logo, and change your fonts/colors to match your brand. You can do additional html/CSS editing to these sites if you have an advanced knowledge of those. The UI is a little tricky to get at first, but once you play around with it, you’ll get the hang of it easily. ?(How to Use Squarespace Video coming soon)


Wix?is my least favorite option out of these 3. You can sign up for a free website, but they’ll upsell you on products & have ads on your website until you decide to pay. Pricing wise, you’ll get more bang for your buck with WordPress & Squarespace, but we will talk about that in a bit.

Wix offers over 500+ designs templates for all sorts of businesses as well. Unlike squarespace, they are not responsive, but it does offer a mobile editor. Downside with Wix is once you pick a template you are stuck with it. You’ll lose your content if you go to another template! That’s a major downside to this

Majority of the templates come across are professional while some?are not so much. I have not designed within Wix because my clients hated it and opted to go for Squarespace or WordPress.

WordPress?is my?favorite. Now, this is a bit confusing…I’m talking about WordPress as a platform NOT wordpress.com. Purchase hosting, then install WordPress. This will be your website foundation. WordPress literally has THOUSANDS of themes to choose from. Once you install WordPress it will give you a few free ones to choose from, but I highly recommend purchasing a theme with more functionality and detail from Themeforest.net or CreativeMarket. With sites like Themeforest, you can filter what you want by price, category, best selling, and more! You can spend anywhere from $30-$100 on a template.

Wordpress is NOT as easy as Squarespace & Wix. It does take a bit more work and understanding of WordPress and in some occasions it may require some HTML/CSS & PHP?to get exactly what you want. However, with WordPress builders like?Divi, Beaver, and Visual Composer, you can have a drag & drop what you see is what you get?option. You can see how awesome Divi is by watching this video!




Squarespace has several different options: Personal for $12, Business for $18, and E-Commmerce Basic for $26 or Advanced for $40.?Squarespace pricing includes hosting, a free domain with annual purchase, security, analytics, and 24/7 customer support. You can use coupon code: GIMME10 ?for 10% off ? If you are a student & sign up with your student email,?you’ll get 50% Off your first year! You can purchase additional domains through Squarespace as well as an email account through Google for $5/mo or $60/year

Wix?has 5 different plans. The more you pay, the more features you get and the better support you get.

If you go the WordPress route you have several different options:

I currently host with a company called Flywheel. I switched from Hostgator to them & I’ve been wondering why I haven’t done that sooner! They offer managed WordPress hosting with nightly backups, quick speed, & daily scans for malware/viruses. Plus the user interface is beautiful! It’s much more than getting a discount with Hostgator/Godaddy but I’ve had better results by switching to Flywheel! The only downside is they don’t offer domains, so my domain is through Godaddy. The domain cost me .99 to register and yearly it’s about $13 to renew. WordPress is free to install. Since I build WordPress sites for other people, I decided to go with Elegant Themes?Divi?3.0. I got their lifetime subscription for $120 on Black Friday. But if you only plan on using it once, it’s $69 per year. I’ve purchased themes for other businesses for around $50. Realistically if we were to break it down for one year, between hosting, domain, and a theme (under $50) you’re looking at less than $100/yr.


Divi WordPress Theme


Squarespace has done a great job with improving SEO from the time they first started. Now you can have full control over titles & descriptions, and it will auto-generate site maps.

Wix has very basic SEO tools letting you change the title & description meta as well as alt for images. If you pay for their premium plan, it will auto-generate site maps for you.

WordPress is the winner with this one. It has many great SEO features built-in, but you can also download plugins such as Yoast to help increase your site getting noticed. It may be a bit more difficult to learn SEO wise, but it is far more advanced than the other two.

Customer Support

Squarespace wins this one hands down. Their 24/7 support is quick. You’ll usually get a response back within an hour.

Wix will only give you great support?if you pay for their top package. Otherwise you’ll have to search their forums for your answer.

WordPress, well, the only way to get answers is through forums, Google, Theme Support or contacting your hosting and speaking with one of their tech teams.

The Champion of them All…

Wix comes in third place.

When it comes down to Squarespace vs. WordPress that’s completely up to you & what your needs are.

If you’re looking for convenience, want something easy to use & understand that’s all inclusive go with Squarespace. It will save you time from learning the ropes of WordPress.

If you’re looking for something a more custom, flexible,?has better blogging & SEO capacities, then go with WordPress.

If you want to talk more about website builders or need help building your website, send me a message so we can chat more about it.

What website builder are you using? What are the pros & cons you’ve encountered?



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