Family conversations are never easy when it comes to talking about finances. The tension was so heavy, even Hudson (our high energy chocolate lab) felt it.

In Fall of 2012, I quit my job while I was moving out and finishing up the hardest semester of my life. I wanted to stay in Orlando, but with so many things happening at once and my finances taking a wild turn, I moved back home.

In my mind I had a wonderful vision: I would run my own business. I’d live at home, save money, and when my business was successful I’d move out and be awesome.

However, during that transition, I managed to deplete my savings, build up debt, and now 2 years later, I’m 26 and barely keeping my business thriving.

And each day as business expenses grew and bills came in, the fear of failure would grow.

Now at the dinner table, I was confronted by it all. Fear stood in front of me and said, “You’ve failed.”

I couldn’t keep it in any longer.

I shared where I was at on Facebook as a Status. Complexly raw. Completely honest.

24 hours later that post had the highest amount of response than anything else I had posted in years (and typically Hudson wins the award for most social media loving).

What blew me away was: EVERY SINGLE message and response was encouraging. And suddenly the fear that stood in front of me began to vanish. My heart felt uplifted. Peace started to come back.

I discovered that the majority of us are all in the same boat, at the same time. The only thing is, we are all on this boat together, but not speaking to one another. We’re sailing through life in silence, trying to figure it out on our own. However, the minute we start to share with each other what’s going on is the moment we both began to feel comforted.

It’s when love replaces fear and vision starts to become clear again.

I believe we were made to be in community. I believe we were made to always continue networking and building relationships. I believe we were meant to go on adventures together. I believe we were made to help each other out in the hardest of times.

With that being said, here’s my challenge for you:

What would happen if we were more open & transparent about what’s going on in our lives to our community?