Why Flywheel is the Best Managed WordPress Hosting for my Business

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Why do I love Flywheel?

For anyone starting a website or blog with WordPress, you will need hosting + a domain?to get started.?Over the past 10 years I’ve used various hosting companies for my clients and I, including GoDaddy, Hostgator, & Bluehost. But I can’t believe it took me this long to find?Flywheel!!!

I know when starting out, money is tight and spending $15/mo on WordPress Hosting isn’t the most ideal when you can purchase 3 years of hosting with Hostgator for less then $200. However, you may not think you need managed hosting until it comes time to need it.

Back when I left blogspot and switched to WordPress, I got on hosting with Bluehost. It had been highly recommended by several other bloggers and I got a $30 rebate with them for a site I was building. It seemed great. Great customer service. No issue with the server. It lasted like that for about 6 months until what I thought wouldn’t happen to me did. My site got hacked.?I couldn’t log in to access my backups. I couldn’t log in to do anything. And what did Bluehost do? They wanted to charge me an additional $200 to remove the malware/virus and then another $100 to retrieve the latest backup!????? I didn’t have the money to dish out at the time, so I lost my entire website and all 50+ of my blogs. Yep. Gone. Just like that.?Learn from my mistake: BACKUP YOUR SITES OFTEN.

After that dilemma I moved over to Hostgator because another friend had recommended it. Yet again, I got a good deal on hosting, it came with a free SSL for one year, 24/7 Customer Service (which was great!) and I had no issues with it. They however will upsell you on many things including security & backups if you need them. After a few months though I noticed my website was down quite often. Their servers were unstable. Some days it’d be quick, some days it’d be down, and some days it wouldn’t come back for hours.

Then after doing some research on competitors in my field, I came across Flywheel. Now, this is designed more for web designers & agencies, but anyone can use it. I am in love.?It’s an all-in-one managed WordPress hosting provider, meaning THEY take care of all the nitty-gritty wordpress website maintenance things you don’t want to. Instead of these other companies upselling you, these guys include it in the cost. See what I mean below??

Flywheel Features:

  • Blazing Speed – I’m amazed how quickly my website loads now that I’ve switched. With the other hosting providers my sites were loading between 10-15 seconds, now mine loads within 3.
  • Security?– Instead of paying another service, Flywheel includes daily hacker-free security in the cost. They also will clean malware for FREE.
  • Backups?– You guys. Flywheel include NIGHTLY backups in with this price!!! Hallelujah! No more losing my websites or blogs ever again! Most companies will charge you to retrieve a backup. They include it and it’s right on your dashboard with an easy way to restore it! (see below)
  • FREE Blog/Site Migrations -?Let’s say you have your WordPress website or blog hosted elsewhere at the moment. No worries, once you sign on with these guys they’ll migrate it over to them and get it up & running FOR FREE. Most companies would charge you over $100 to do this!
  • Incredible Support from WordPress Experts?– Have an issue within WordPress? Have questions about your hosting? Email support and get a response back from someone on their team quickly.
  • FREE SSL?– Most hosting companies will charge upwards of $75/yr for this. SSL is what let’s consumers know your site is safe to browse & that their info is being encrypted. You can tell by seeing the https:// & green padlock icon
  • Built-in Site Stats -? You can see how many visitors you’re getting monthly, how much data you are using & more
  • A Beautifully Designed User Interface -?As a designer, this is what impressed me the most. GoDaddy has switched their backend to make it easier, but Flywheel still wins at this. They make managing your website/blog SO EASY.

Things Designers/Developers will love about it:

  • Staging Site?– Instead of downloading a maintenance plugin, you can now work on a site behind the scenes without worrying about it being live while you’re making changes. You can test the updates before making it live!
  • Free Demo Sites – Want to build a site for a client but they don’t have hosting yet? No worries. You can build a demo site and when you’re ready to make it live for your client, you can send it to them & have them pay for hosting for it to go live!
  • Collaborations with Separate Logins -?As a designer you can set up hosting, create the website, then add your client as the owner so they can do payments. Then you’ll have access to their site as long as they allow you to.
  • White-Label Hosting -?Want to offer managed WordPress hosting to your clients? Soon you’ll be able to set your own prices & bill directly through Flywheel.

The only issue with Flywheel:

Flywheel does not do domains. This means you cannot purchase domains through them like most other hosting companies.

If?you don’t own a domain,?you can purchase one with a coupon code for $.99 on GoDaddy.com then point it over to Flywheel (which you can read how to do so here.)

If you currently have a domain from the following providers, please click the links to see how to get it pointed to Flywheel:
Network Solutions

If you’re still nervous about doing this on your own, I can either put you on my hosting or set it up for you.?Send me a message to get started.


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